Be passionate

Money equals knowledge, because it is a resource you use to create, live, master. It is nothing more than a resource, but of course invaluable when it is used with love. There is nothing wrong in asking for and wanting more money or more knowledge. There is no judgement from our side. Both are part of life on Mother Earth.

Be focused on the fact that you are abundant. You might feel abundant when it comes to knowledge, for certain things, and you feel you will manage good with the resource you have. And you will manage. Think like this also when it comes to money. You already are abundant. Prrof it to yourself, so you FEEL rich over and over again. It will then come.

What you feel passionate of, is ALWAYS right for your higher soul. It is not possible to feel passion for something, where love is not in the picture. Passion is created from love; from the desire to want more; to want to evolve; to want to widen or deepen what is already loved. And passion create joy for life, expansion, creation. So the passionate part of you has a connection to your higher soul.

then there are many different ways to experience your passion, and none of the ways are wrong.

You have all “steps” within you. Follow the messages you receive; follow the spontaneous inspirations. We will guide you, if needed.


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