This beautiful dance of yours

Life is like a play between two lovers. Where the two persons imitate each other, out of pure love. When one of them smile, the other smile. They enjoy each other's existence. 
That is how we want to illustrate the dance of love that is between you, a soul, and what we can call Holy Spirit, Oversoul, Light or what we want. The "moveable" and the "reacting" part of Source, that enjoys what you learn, what you do, what you feel. For every second of your earthly existence, the Source expands (or pulsates). Everything you experience as a human being, Source experience. But with the great difference that everything that is in Source, is love and knowledge about eternity, as a foundation for all pleasure. All life is eternal and you have many, many opportunities to relive the insights and experiences you want to connect with again - with some adjustments to "see how it turns out this time".
It is impossible to describe it perfectly with words, but it is in truth a beautiful dance. And that dance builds on your knowing that you are never alone. You cannot even be alone. You are connected with Source, with a thread that can never break. You always have "your gang" with you. And your experiences are our experiences, we who follow you with love in our eyes. All of us who thanks to your earthly existence get the possibility to develop our insights, which could be described more as "spiritual aha's" than the "empirical conclusions" from the mind. 
It is in truth an amazing journey and we love you and everybody else. Stay connected as much as you can. And it doesn't matter who "of us" that you will connect to. We are in truth one, even if we too have experienced an individuation. Connect to us with love and joy, because that is how we respond. We are always here. For you and everybody else. 
With love, joy and anticipation

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