Change the wold

Live is a Master and Creator, and all your needs will be satisfied in a constant creative flow. See every moment as meaningful, there is always a mission to give love to somebody special. See your mission to be there for others, because God is always there for you. There is nothing you must need to control. Live in your manifestations and KNOW that it will be realized. Let life be lived through you.
Always focus from your heart - in all moments. Land in your heart and feel unconditional love flow - and then start your day. When you are in your heart, you are always in the right place. You will also be in the right place, because there is where the Master and the Creator is. That is where all miracles are, in the knowing that everything will be alright. After that, you just continue to where you want your next focus, may it be your mind, your gut or even your gender. Depending on the situation, because all your zones are there for a reason. And they are there to "be used". So don't see your changes through your zones, depending on the situation. But always start from your heart.
And that is how you change the world.

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