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We are so pleased to have contact with you. We have come to Mother Earth to be of assistance, because Mother Earth is a planet which we very much love, as well as humanity of course. We, the Arcturians, are in particular interested in sharing our wisdom when it comes to matters of healing, as well as spiritual growth. We are so delighted to begin this journey with you.
The Arcturians are a specie that has existed for over 400.000 years and we have developed a society that only contains spiritual growth, peace and co-operation between us Arcturians. We are a species that resembles you human beings a little but we are blue and could be described as having more pointy ears and no eyebrows.
We, the Arcturians, are pleased to be of service. When you channel us, remember that you yourself will receive healing where it is needed, so don't be afraid of asking us if you feel pain in a particular place.
Humanity is about to enter into a somewhat higher frequency, due to the fact that Mother Earth is raising her frequency and due to the fact that some human beings are transforming their density into a lighter version. This is a process that should not be too quickly, because that would only cause confusion and somewhat anxiety, but it is truly you and likeminded spiritual human beings that are contributing to humanity's transformation. 
When you expand, humanity expand. What we would encourage you to do is to consider to be engaged in channeling longer and longer periods of time. This is only because you will get better at it and better at sustaining focus. We would also encourage you to consider to invest in time to receive more, receive healing, receive abundance, receive clarity, receive activations. You simply just need to allow it. That is all on your part, to sit still and focus and allowing. We do know that human beings do have problems in doing just that, due to the 3D density where you are so filled at focusing on concrete issues and basic needs. But trust us, this change to just simply sit and allow will benefit you immensely. 
We are complete. We love you.

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