Raise your frequency

We, the Arcturians, are so pleased to be here with you again. 
We feel so much love for Mother Earth and humanity. There is a time that will come, that will require high degree of trust and faith because the society as you know it will change somewhat radically in some parts and in slower pace in other parts. And this is all good. 
However, we want to emphasize the importance of remembering who you are and of what you are, because you know you never need to fear and all that is happening is of great importance and highly beneficial for both Mother Earth and humanity. During that time it is important that there are central human beings who are willing to step up, or rather step in. 
Because as we said last time, when you expand, humanity expands. When you rest assured in faith and knowing that nothing can hurt you, you contribute to humanity's knowing of the same. And we are not talking about war, blood shed or violence in that degree that you would assume that we are focusing on. We are talking about inhumane restrictions and control mechanisms, that is meant to try to keep humanity on the same frequency that it has been in for so long. 
We will never interfere in your free will, but the fact is that there are so many of you now, on Mother Earth, that is actually focusing on raising their frequency and wanting to connect entities of higher frequencies. 
We are so pleased for this because we see human kind in a way as our little sibling. We love you so much. During this harder times, on the outside, will in the end be beneficial for all. And it will not even be harder times, for those who step in and connect to higher frequency and know that they are safe. Because nobody or nothing can affect or injure God's soul against their free will. 
That is why it is so vital to have a will concerning everything, when it comes to conscious matters. Even though of course higher soul is always guarding and directing. We have agreed upon staying close to humanity during this period of time, and we want our words to be spread by as many as possible, to as many as possible. Because we come with messages of love and reassurance that all is indeed well. 
We are so pleased and eager to be participating in this process, since it of course expands us too. That is the great mystery of Life, you could say. What you experience, you will help all life to experience, which leads to the expansion of source. Which is, in a way, the meaning of life. And this comes to all different kinds of experiences of course, but as you raise higher in your frequency, and get lighter in your density, you will automatically focus on experiences of love, joy, truth. And that is all you need to experience and focus, if you choose to do so. 
We are happy to be able to assist to those who want, when it comes to focusing and attracting according to the Law of Attraction. And we are happy that more and more of you are investing quite a lot of time and energy, so to speak, to focus and attract the energy that you want to see more of, that is love, truth and joy. 
We are also pleased to see that the notion that you are all one is becoming more and more real to more and more people. It is in fact impossible to not be affected or involved in any way, and even in the smallest and furthest away, because in fact when something is happening across the world it is in some way also affecting you. And vice versa, which is actually what we want you to get clearer of. So when you are expanding your truth, love and joy, by focusing on truth, love and joy, you are increasing the truth, love and joy for humanity. 
We are highly evolved when it comes to understanding this process, so we do rejoice when one of us has decided to invest extra time and energy, in increasing his or hers (although we do not have gender specification like that) truth, love and joy. Because then we know this will increase truth, love and joy for all of us. We are happy to be able to assist you human beings when it comes to this process. 
Finally, we want to emphasize the importance of staying clear as a channel. It is at the same time both easy and not easy to be a channel. And you all are by the way. It is easy, because you only need to raise your own frequency and making space by letting your human mind and experience rest a little. And it is also difficult, since your human mind has been the leader, so to say, in your life experience for so many years. We recommend to always having such a clear channel as much as possible, by focusing on love, truth and joy and staying in that feeling whilst channeling. 
We are so happy to connect. We love you.

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