Life will sort itself out

We, the Arcturians, want to be of help to humanity, when it comes to progress in spiritual growth. This is something we ourselves have been focusing on for many thousands of years, so it is natural for us to give this our prioritized focus. 
The "trick", if you wish, is to not focus on "earthly matters". Trust us, all your needs will take care of itself. It doesn't look like that, in your society of today, because it is built in the system of disbelief that life organically will sort itself out. But since Life itself is the controlling mechanism in all Universe, where by force processes will start without you interfering - which will support and sustain Life. 
Take food for example. You human beings can choose to not care about all your gardening and harvesting, but still food will grow! Take oxygen, where a beautiful and complex system concerning the sun, all trees and then all living beings in need of air to breathe, is involved (without any mind at it) and will thus create wonderful and healthy oxygen to breathe. In fact we would go so far to say that all these complex processes is run perfectly when you human beings do not interfere. 
And so it is, with all in Life. So you can choose to invest your time and energy in "fixing" things that you need - that will anyway solve itself. Or you can choose to invest your time in Mastering your Universe. Invest time in creating the things you want, since you know that the things you need will fix itself. 
You don't have to stress at your job. Do the opposite. Take plenty of breaks. Make sure to move your body. Put in time to be creative. And we assure you that you will get the same result, as you do when you stress, but instead you will be happy, calm and confident. Loving Life. Enhancing your spiritual growth. Investing in love, truth, joy. Think about it.

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