Be a yes-sayer

We, the Arcturians, wants all human beings to ascend but the truth be told, that will not happen for quite a long time. But when there are some people who ascend and some who don't, what will this look like? 
Well, this will resemble how it looks today, with the difference that ascended human beings lives in paradise and those who has not ascended might describe it like living in hell. It is all a matter of perspective, then as well as now. 
Negative people think the glass is half empty and positive people thinks it is half full. But the greatest difference between soon and now is that ascended people will not accept the system that is. This is something that has often captured your thoughts. 
How will that look like, with communities that does not accept parts of the system. Well, it can be as easy as not accepting a career that only focus profit or not accepting vaccine. That is already happening now but it can also be to not wanting their children to attend main stream school or not letting main stream media, culture etc. influence the community. In some ways that is existing already now but when more seek that alternative life style - the more pressure will come from the system to be accepted and integrated. 
Then it is vital to not focus on the part that a person do not want, but focusing on the part she/he wants. This is a crucial step: to not become the no-sayers but the yes-sayers. 
We want to be of assistance here, where loving and peaceful civil disobedience needs to be practiced. This is to strengthen the communities goal to live their paradise on earth. That is why it is important to create supportive structures and guidelines to help. This you have already created, but it needs more structures and guidelines. We, the Arcturians, would be happy to describe how we have created our society.

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