Are you “on track”?

We, the Arcturians, are so very pleased to have contact yet again. 
A contact that is always "on", you might say. 
We want to give you a structure of our own world and dimension, for your inspiration and knowledge. We have in our world built in the truth that all souls are Masters, regardless of age, gender, living situation or mental capacities. Built-in means that this is something we are reminding ourselves about, if needed regularly. 
The "help" that could be needed in older days was the consultation from someone in order to support the person to find its mastership and once again be "on track" when it comes to a soul's mission and vision. To live by that truth means to always know that deep down inside you always know your mission and vision; you always know if you are "on track" or not. 
We suggest that you in meditative state consider yourself as knowing all and knowing your path and next step. Just by knowing that you are knowing will give your brain the help needed to "translate" the knowing into thoughts and ideas. Always stand on "the knowing ground", however you want to symbolize that. This is an exercise that we learn our young ones from very early stage. That is the key to the whole kingdom that is your own.

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