Allow your Heaven

We, the Arcturians, are delighted to speak with You and to see the transformation that is taking place. There is many of you that is now preparing to fully express the Truth of Life. And in doing so, it is vital that you feel comfortable in communicating with us about all matters. We want to assure you that it is nothing but beneficial for us to be of service. So, send a wish, you might say, and we will address it the best we can to our knowledge.
The time is here where you humans on your way to 5D is finding safe heaven close to each other. This not because you are in harm in any way, you are protected in all ways possible, but because it is a peace for the soul to stay close to "kindred spirits". So, yes, you all will see how more and more moves - both closer to each other and to places that is more in alignment with your mission. Because some places have more "possibility" when it comes to energies, that is more power to transmit and hold higher vibrations. This simply makes it more harmonic for you humans to stay there.
Those places you are drawn to, or you simply just end up there and everything is perfect. Since all this is created perfectly by your higher soul, it is really so easy to just allow things to happen and to allow magic and miracles. Yes, it is true - it is the allowing we emphasize, not "the fixing of things" because there is no fixing needed on your end. It is allowing, remaining on the highest vibration possible and staying open in pure love that is needed. That is what is on your part, to love and to know everything will work out perfectly. Then everything else will organize itself perfectly.

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