See the invisible healing

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to have contact with you. 
You have asked for healing and we know you have felt it, so now you allow it by simply stating and knowing you are healed. 

We ourselves do from birth get help and knowledge to just know that what we wish is in fact true. It is simple but difficult act: to know something to be true before you see it with your eyes. But this is the process of allowing: letting something into your world, that you have not yet manifested in your physical world but still know to be true. 

But let's not complicate things. You know tomorrow to come, even though you have not yet seen it. On your way to work, you know your office to be there, but yet you have not seen it - for the day. This might sound obvious for you but if you knew how unreal your reality really is, you would be amazed in your own magic. So you feel very confident in manifesting things and situations you before have experienced. It worked last time, so it will work this time too. But the same is true for "the other stuff". You HAVE been healed before. You HAVE manifested unexpected money or magical situations before. 

So stay confident that it will work also this time. Say thankyou and feel the joy and gratitude fill you up. It is manifesting now. Why? Because you are a Creator. And you are worthy it simply by existing. Feel the truth in this. You exist and therefore you "deserve" (we want to say have the right to) all things and situations you can imagine. Because simply you noticed it and felt joy in experiencing it. That is how easy it really is.

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