What is purpose?

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to have contact. Today, we want you to understand a little more about purpose. We know that you have been thinking a lot about your life's purpose. And we want to be clear that we have no intention to help you figure out your life's purpose. In reality, it is not how you will find your purpose: to figure it out. Then you will be using your brain, and that function has nothing to do with this context. 
Instead, we recommend that you focus your heart, where the magic is at. Everything that makes you enthusiastic and passionate, is in a way your life's purpose. It is not really a matter of knowing clearly, and then thinking about nothing else but that particular thing. 
We do know that memories of a person can sometime contain that kind of story: that it was the only thing that existed. In reality, it is not really like that. What happens is that you find something that fills you with enthusiasm and passion, and when you follow it through, you might end up on a track where you can focus on it even more. And where maybe other people are also supporting you on continuing to focus on it. That is not have it usually happen, for most people. And this is ok. 
Most people have different purposes in their life, depending on where they are at and what they are doing. A mother with small children usually feel (and is supported by society, culture and family to think like this) that her purpose in life (at that time) is to focusing deeply on their children and to become the best mother ever. However they might interpret being the best mother ever. But when they children grow up, becomes teenagers and spend most of their time with friends, and then finally move out, it would be a little strange if that same woman insisted that her purpose in life is to become the best mother ever. That time is over, now she is supposed to focusing on becoming a grandmother but also to enjoy her own life. So, this is how it is for the majority of people and it is totally ok.
So when we talk with you about your life's purpose we want you to think about this. What you might have wanted 5-10-15-20 years ago is not even supposed to be the same you think about now. That would be a little "off track" you might say. Now you have learned so much more, now you are in other passages of your life.
The other thing we want you to know is that following your enthusiasm and passion is totally perfect and perfectly enough, when it comes to life's purpose. You don't need to have an ambition to be a famous and wealthy author, so you can spend all your day writing. We are not saying that could not happen, of course it can, but adding famour and wealth to the authorship in one way takes out the enthusiasm and passion that you have for writing, to tell stories, to capture and uplift people with your words. 
So be happy and contect with just knowing that you are so filled with enthusiasm and passion when you write, when you create and channel words, as you are doing this very moment. That is truly enough to be a purpose you should protect and support in your life.
The third thing we want to add to this is that you can never know the full picture, where your life is in. You don't really know your higher soul's mission, fully, as a human. You can know some parts and you can guess other parts, but you can never know the whole picture. There would simply mean that you then had all the right answers to all the questions you have. What point would it then be, to come to mother earth at all? So in understanding this, you then can trust fully in the process that is constantly unfolding. Just be in the river of life, having faith that you will know things when you are supposed to know things.
So, what would be our recommendations? We would emphasize on as much as you can, focus on enthusiasm and passion. Don't try to figure out the hows in things you dream of, you will just get entangled by negative emotions like fear or doubt. Just be happy that you actually know what you want to do, in some parts. You want to live in a warmer country, at least wintertime, where they have access to for instance live music and a way of life that will fit you perfectly. And you know that you want to have more time for writing, for spirituality, for channeling, for reflection, for enjoying life. All this is good enough to pursuit ideas that comes to you. 
Just stay in this relaxed state, knowing that you will follow what comes as inspiration for you, and know that if that is the theme you should get more involved in, in this time of your life, door will open and you will easily follow it through.

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