Stand in Your Power

We, the Arcturians, are so pleased to be with you. Today, in this age and time, it is more important than ever to stand in your power. But we want to emphasize what we mean with standing in your power. We do not mean to have the courage to speak your truth, whatever it might cost you. We do not mean to be courageous and do something that might be dangerous. We do not mean to be able to lead people, by using your "force".
What we mean by standing in your power is to actually enjoy life - by only focusing on what you want in your reality. We mean it is by knowing that you are worth it all. We mean by just accepting that you are unconditionally loved now and always and the best is in you and around you.
But how can those things have anything to do with standing in your power - to allowing the best in your life and focusing on unconditional (self) love? Power has everything to do with being a Master, on Mother Earth in this time and age, because you have been (thoroughly) taught that you are not worthy, that there is no unconditional love for anyone and that you have to fight, strive and then maybe earn some small good things. And that is all lies! So stand in your power, please, reach your arms and be a Master of allowing and receiving.
That is courageous and that is what is needed today. You are a Master and by allowing other human beings how amazing and beautiful life can be, you are being the inspiration humankind needs more than anything today.
You know by now that with this attitude of allowing, all good in life will come your way. You know by now, but so many people don't know, don't believe, don't trust. You don't need to go out on the streets and loudly speak out your truth. You just need to live it. Your light will attract the human beings that are so close to join your world of knowing. So shine your light Master of Courage and Unconditional Love. We love you.


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