Use Your Superpowers

We, the  Arcturians, are pleased to be in contact with you. 
It is a time of great happenings and we are enjoying "the view". It is with great pleasure that we notice how more and more human beings are "waking up", and realize they are a soul having a physical experience and not the other way around. 
However, your physical "shell" is also of great importance. It is - or can be - an emphasizer of your experiences, which is exactly what your soul wished for. This was also knowledge human beings were well aware of, 2,000 years and more. Your physical body is also you; you are a container of your physical body. So the experiences your soul has, can be stronger and more transformational with the help of your physical body. 
Since a lot of ancient knowledge has been forgotten, you are now experiencing new senses, new range of your "old" senses and a stronger coherence and birth of new spiritual abilities. Today you human beings would call it super powers, but in only some years more and more Masters of this earth will use it openly. 
These "super powers" will be far more than your understanding that you create your reality and therefore is a Master in your world. It will include heighten abilities to connect, to envision and to heal. For now many of you will doubt what you already have a small sensation of, but give this time and energy and you will be amazed of what you can do. This may sound unbelievable for some, but if you think about all your old fairy tales; realize that all these "fantasies" was thought of by human beings. And as you know by now, what you think about already exist. You just don't see it yet. 
So why not remind yourself about the stories of dragons, magical creatures and human beings with amazing super powers and then simply - allow. Allow yourself to not only be a Master in your world, but a Master with super powers beyond your beliefs. This is what we wish for you. We love you.

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