Taste the love

We, the Arcturians, are so pleased to be in contact with you.
Think not so much about age, skin color, gender, personality and other things. The only thing you want to focus on is their soul and the "taste of the love" that they emits. That is what you pick up with your spiritual senses and that is what you want to "take in". Because the miracle of Life is that the "mixing" of different "tastes of love" creates the most magnificent explosion of never before experienced tastes. That will take you further along your way.
That is the secret of Universe and the Meaning of Life. To experience different "tastes of love", to become a unique mixture of all experiences of tastes, that you have ever had, which further will expand universe in the most magical ways.
That is "all". That is everything. The explorations of love, in all possible ways, which of course include exploring the lack of love. Which you could say might be the most exciting exploration of them all! To taste the lack of love is for the Master to taste water and turn it into wine.
So be joyous. You are still eager to taste more. You are still open for new tastes. And there are lots of tastes left for you! What a gift! And for us too, since we get to experience as observers.
We love you.

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