Shine your light

We are the Arcturians, and we are pleased to be in contact with you.
Shine your light. It is of greatest need that you don't dim it at all. Because it is now a time of greatest need of all Masters to shine their light.
We are not referring to a matter, where the result may go either one direction. That is not the case, Mother Earth has already begun her transformational process and there are quite a number of you Masters for us to assure that human kind's transformational process has already started.
But shine your light for you and others to know that this is the "natural order" of any lighter existence to arrange itself around: that every soul is supported and inspired to first see and clarify their dreams and then manifest it in their own way.
Can you see the perfection with a society, where everyone is encouraged to follow and pursue their dreams (in the easiest way possible) because every manifested dream is a drop of pure perfection that enriched the experience of everyone and creates the eternal expansion of Source - which only creates satisfaction of every soul within Source? Because that is how it is. So shine your light, pursue your dream, enjoy your life experience and just know it will always get better and better. We love you.

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