The world was created anew

We, the Arcturians, are so pleased to have contact with you.
The world was just created. Fully anew. The world was created on a Sunday, by Masters. The world, full of love, was meant as a gift to human kind. And this will be the day, that marked the Shift for many Masters.
And what can we, mere Masters like you, tell you which will inspire you on your journey forward?
You have it. You have found it. The Holy Grail. You are Here. Here, where we stand next to you. Greeting you with love.
So, now continue forward. Keep the strength inside of you. Place the love ahead of you. Have truth in your back. And know that Source is right above you.
You, Creator of Worlds. We have been waiting thousands of years, just to be able to witness the birth of enough Masters, to be the bridge builders; the faith keepers that reach out their hand to humanity.
We are pleased. Humanity is close to the edge for many "unreal" experiences. Several of them will be created by you Masters.
Continue to play. Continue to explore. Continue to reach higher and higher. Today the World was created.
We love you.

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