A Master is open and share

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to be in contact with you. 
We want to start off by telling you that all is perfect. It couldn't be more perfect than it is.
However, in times of great change, it is important to focus on what is changing, to be aware of what new is coming in instead. Because all change contains new element. And this is something we want to encourage you to focus a little extra on that is your new element in this change of yours.
It is the Mastership that is new. You have gone from student to Master. And what does a Master do? Perform her skill and help students. So, live a masterfully spiritual life with a high consciousness and "awakened" ability to create the reality you wish. And - take on students. Now we don't want to emphasize too much on the student as a person who is not aware at all, that is likely not the case. But this person will want to know more, and you have something to teach this person. We already know that, since the person is in your presence. So, then be the Master. Not by diming your light. Not by being quit and not show your Mastership, but by the opposite, talk about what you have come to understood and what you "can perform". This is not to brag or show off. You talk about your abilities and your understanding in order to keep somebody else gain the same abilities and to at least make a clear picture of what to accept as their truth or not.
So. To be a Master is to be open and share - not to be quiet. It is a fake humbleness to be quiet. It is to decide to not let others know, what you know. It is a way to feel more special, which comes from a feeling of lack of self esteem and a belief of separation. Which you know is not true. So. Go out. Love. Share. Be the Master we know you are. We love you.

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