Get back on track

We, the Arcturians, are so pleased to be in contact with you.
It is the time of the twilight zone, in the sense that you Masters will more and more find yourself going between worlds. One moment you are filled with love and magic and miracles are then occurring around and inside you. All you want to do is marvel, enjoy and be,
Then suddenly someone enters your reality, something is said or done and you find yourself in the previous well known reality of worry, shame, blame and fear. What happened? Why did you create that situation?
Always look at it as a good opportunity for you to get to practice. Practice to take a step back, realizing what is going on and again fill yourself with love, joy and gratitude. It is time for rehearsal of what you theoretically know but practically might have some problems with.
But, the Master is not a person who doesn't "skip". All human beings encounter that. A Master is the person who quickly shakes it off and get back on track. Because you know: nothing is worth your heaven on earth. You have heard that many times and it is true.
It is less important how many times you master "slip". It is more important how quickly you Master get back.
As you might have discovered, it is not really difficult to "get back on track", when you finally notice and understand that you have temporarily lost the state of higher consciousness.
It is not difficult at all. When you finally notice it, it might take seconds or minutes and the feeling when you are finally back to Master level it feels so nice and enjoyable.
In fact, it is not difficult at all to "get back" as a Master, but the difficult part might be to be entangles and observe what has just happened.
So, the "slip" in itself has no value at all. It counts for nothing and mean nothing. You can slip a billion times and still be Master. Actually, it might even be beneficial for you to slip. The more you do it, the more understanding and readiness to be of service to both human mind and other Masters.
The ones that can be the best support and advice for anything, is usually the ones that have been on both sides of the coin, so to say.
So, celebrate when you get back on track and cherish the slip. It gave you useful experience, for you and others.
But be disciplined with the actual action to get back as quickly as possible. THAT is what is good to give your attention to. If you slip thousands of times today, and only requires some seconds to get back each time, you have helped humanity more than you know.
It is the choice to return to love that is the most important insight for human kind. This world of yours are filled with "dense situations". You have created it that way.
Stressful news in the morning. Rude people on your way to work. A boss that pushes. Too little time for meditation and reflection; too many things that "need to be done".
All this is a well planned environment for Masters, to learn how to quickly return to love. And each time that happens, and a Master is quick to focus inwards and get in touch with the God particle inside: each time the celebration of the successful transformation will also shower over all human beings.
It is a Master's effort to turn away from stressful news. To love and only love rude people and pushy bosses. To prioritize more than anything her own inner well-being through meditation and reflection.
THOSE victories are for all and everyone. THOSE victories can only be understood and won by human beings; by experiencing the density. So; great work Master! We are celebrating as well.

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