Be the way-shower

We, the Arcturians, are so pleased to be in contact with you. 

We want to emphasize the importance of really preparing for the most important time that has occurred since thousands of years ago. Yes, we could even describe it as the birth of a Messiah, but this time there are the birth of thousands of Masters. And the Universe are so pleased, so thrilled - because the expansion that is already occurring but that will occur even stronger and with greater speed is amazing and will enhance the whole Universe. That is how might this transformation is; that is how important this process is. It will affect the whole universe in many transformational ways. And that is also why so many entities from higher realms are coming forth.
So, prepare. Not as to go to war. We know there are Masters who think of it as a war between good and evil, but we do not want to create any separation. We don't see it as a war between evil and good. We see it as a transformation that in many ways merge that which you would call evil and that which you would call good.
We don't label it like that at all, but instead want you to think about a typical bully in school, whose actions might very well be defined as evil but who are in fact acting out due to his or her own experiences and life situation at home. You would not call a child evil, and maybe not even the parents, because you see how they have been treated as small children generation after generation, which has affected their own behavior as they grow up. This is how we look at human beings on Mother Earth. Not as evil, but as souls that have misunderstood what love really is and can do - because they have never experienced unconditional love. But when they do, all misunderstandings will just melt away.
So, we want to recommend you Masters to prepare to be the role-models, to be the way-showers, to be the very first to arrive to the New Earth, where unconditional love is the very platform on where everything is organized: schools, hospitals, cooperation's, everything. And to prepare for that means to start by creating your New Earth. Which really is the only New Earth that exists really - yours. What you perceive, what you create, what you transform and enhance, it is really everything there is, but confusing to understand and comprehend.
So, start preparing! What does a way-shower do? She shows the way. The way to what? Heaven on Earth. But how can other human beings see and enter your Heaven on Earth? They cannot. But they can see your actions and your behavior, when you live in your Heaven on Earth. And by witnessing your love, your joy, your gratitude, they realize you have "found" something that they want. And that is when the Mater enter! By describing what you did and how you changed your way of life and your way of thinking, that made you ascend, to create your Heaven on Earth. So it is your stories the world need: your human story on what love, joy, gratitude and healing really can mean and affect a human being, so tell the story, story teller!

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