See miracles appear

We, the
Arcturians, are pleased to be in contact with you.


Today is
the day when you will fully live like a Master. That doesn’t mean you have not
previous days. But everything is about Now, so even if you as a human count
everything as days or nights, we want you to focus on the Now. For you it can
be helpful to focus on Today. If we would talk about Now, it might seem a bit
too unclear. The Now is always.


Do you then
have to think about it always? No. You have to LIVE it! You have to embody it,
you carry your body as a clear sign, knowing that you are a Master. You have to
manifest it. In every moment knowing that your words, thoughts and actions are
those coming from a Master. Then, then you will see the magic coming. Then you
will see the miracles appear. Then you will use every precious moment as
opportunities to be the Master you know you are. Then you will know that Life
and Love is running through you and that you create your reality. That is Today
and Now and we are so happy to be able to witness the birth of so many Masters
on Mother Earth – rising up to take their full power back.

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