You know everything you need to know

We, the Arcturians, are so pleased to be in contact with you.


It is a wonderful and perfect day today, to celebrate your Mastership. And how do we suggest you do that? Love yourself, love others. That is the concept för the party – and do we promise that this will make a perfect party!


You have come so far, you Masters. That is an amazing journey you – every one of you – have travelled. From birth to now could probably be described as the lives of at least five separate persons. That is how many transformations you have experienced! And it is not over yet, but we promise you that the “final” transformation of this beloved human being will be to ease into 5th dimension in the creation of Heaven on Earth. Because now you are so close. You can see it, you can feel it, you can taste it. That is because you are so close.


Close to what exactly? Close to the beautiful experience of almost always feeling nothing but love. To the feeling of that you truly have everything you want to have, which makes you feel so blessed, and STILL gifts keep “dropping in choicelessly” – which you didn’t even realize you wanted or needed. Closer to Source, THAT is what to expect, when you take that final step into really only focusing – and giving your energy to – the feeling of love and nothing else for you, for other human beings, for nature and animals, for Mother Earth.


That is really all what you want to do. No judgements. No regrets. No hesitations. Not any feelings of lack, of doubt, of uncertainty.


You know everything you need to know. You are a Master and your mission is to love yourself fully and to fill your life with joy, gratitude and love. You have access to all gifts available at this time (and there are more to come) and you need nothing, want nothing. You are one of the way-showers, to the way to Heaven on Earth.


How can you show it? By showing the example of your life.


How can you inspire it? By being generous with showing your life, your present and constant state of mind, your blessings.


So – no more dimming your light. You have already all the tools needed to shine your light – regardless if it is by writing, singing, dancing or anything. You already know your special gifts, because people have already told you. So love yourself. Shine your light. Prepare for your Heaven on Earth, to always be there for you.


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