Flow with Life

We, the Arcturians, are as always pleased to be in contact with you.

Life on Earth is not easy, If You assume that life is meant to be handled, figured out, controlled and governed. Then life can really be rough because all it Will lead to is uncertainty and fear.

Instead, choose to see life as a naturally growing organism, with an existence of itself. Life is playing out as a undirected play on stage – where all actors in a way has the chance to influence what is happening.

So how is you as an actor doing on stage? Are you rehearsing lines you think you should say or are you in the now, observing how the other actors behave and how life seems to want to flow?

There is a lot to gain to decide to just sit in the roller coaster and focus on your feelings, your thoughts, your actions. Then the ride will be so much more pleasurable. We assure you.

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