You are God

We, the Arcturians, are as always pleased to be in contact with you.

It is a time and an age when things are starting to get really interesting. We are so excited to be able to participate, in the way we do, and to be observing the wonderful, magical transformation you are going through.

And we do understand it may for some seem chaotic and uncertain but we assure you, nobody will come to harm. Quite the opposite, you will all win if we by winning mean coming home to love.

And you are a way-shower. That is a great responsibility you undertook many years ago. Many lifetimes ago, we could say.

Way-showers are not only the people showing the way. It is the people creating the way. It is the people manifesting the way. So that is how great mission You are on. You are creating worlds. You are creating possibilities.

See your world as an uncharted territory. You have already, many lifetimes ago, planned the way. But nothing is ever fixed so as you go along, but all your faith in both the ancient wisdom that once planned the structure of the territory and the support, guidance and love you have from your higher soul, your guides and angels as well as from us and many other ascended masters.

God’s be on your way because you are truly God.

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