Realize – and take a shower

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to have this moment with You. We want to see You grow quickly and we also know you can.

This is what you have been waiting for. This is what you have been longing for, deep in your soul and heart. So welcome it. Yes this process comes with some challenges. As you know it is the challenges that are the blessings.

To “learn” (to remember) to love, where there is no love or where there by judgement from others should not be any love, you  choose to focus on your possibility to still continue to love. Do you know what mastership we are talking about? Do you realize how far you have come?

Please. Please do REALIZE. Have the intention to make reality of that you know is true. You KNOW you are love. You know your passion in your heart. You know your dreams. Make reality of them. Now, right now, make reality of all that you want. Because it is already with you. It is already in your force field. It is so close. The only thing needed is you. You opening your arms and welcoming it all in. Yes! You are worth it! Yes! It is here! That is the confirmation needed, nothing else.

We will observe and enjoy the process, because now it is truly getting interesting on planet Earth. Now all Universe is focusing on you Masters. That is awakened and is starting to – all by themselves this time – transform their realities, which will of course eventually transform all human kind’s mutual reality.

You Master, You. We love and adore You.

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