April is here!

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to be in contact with you.

Whilst you anticipated great transformation in March – and you will always receive what you anticipate- we want to give you reason to raise even further your anticipation for April! These are times indeed that are radically changing the path for many millions of souls. But as a Master you know how to sit steady in the boat, when the waves are high. Just sit back and relax. All that is happening, is planned long time ago – by you, by us.

So. How to prepare for the sweet month of April? Get ready, we would say, to not just open the door of the Magical World of Divine Masters, but to step right in. Come into your garden, where every little flower is well planned, nourished and cherished by you. Master Gardener.

How do you see your own Garden; your life? Are you content with all the richness and the diversity that exists there? From stressful moments in ordinary life to Divine Playtime with dragons? You should, you know. Heaven on Earth is in every little ordinary action, not in the big schemes of life.

In eating your breakfast, in taking an afternoon nap, in playing with a child. It doesn’t matter what it is you do, because all actions are expressions of Divine Love, creating Heaven on Earth. Every little action can also be a pure blessing of love, to all living things in your life. Don’t value the action from the label you happen to put on it – whether it is taking a shower or doing voluntary work. Your label is really insignificant. So from our perspective it can be “equally comparable” concerning the divine energies put into action, regardless if you happen to take a shower or do voluntary work. It is the LOVE you put in it that counts.

So. If you always put love into every little and ordinary action, you are a living force field of love that will raise the energies of all living things in your force field. We really don’t care if this happens when you take a shower or do voluntary work. You are anyway doing your divine work as a Master of Love.

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