Come into our radar

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to be in contact with You.

We want to assure You that We are always by your and other Master’s side. Sometimes it might feel like you are very much alone, but it is never true. It cannot even be true, since you all are connected. You are a massive collective that have joined the same mission: to come to Mother Earth. Also, connections spread wide and far, from each and one of you, to for instance us, ascended Masters, angels and so on. So consider the sky a star filled evening. Then connect every star with each other. That is how we would like to describe the connections you all have, with so many. It is a beautiful network and it can also be described as the network in your brain, when the neurons are working, firing off a thought and immediately connecting with other neurons, spiraling off thoughts.

So, when you as a human feel low and alone, you have dampened the connections. The sky is dark or the brain seem to not activate neurons. But it is just an illusion, which you realize when you come back to your heart centre. When you return to Love, then you see how it really is.

Then the whole sky lights off and you realize that those slightly visible connecting “threads” between each star or neuron, has been there all along. The connection has been alive and steady all the time you imagined yourself alone. But you can only “realize” it, when you are Love.

When you are Love, angels and fairies and dragons and ascended Masters connect with you the whole time! But of course they are still there, even when you feel low and alone. It is YOU who have “left below the radar”. It is you who for a moment stopped being aware of the connections.

But at the same time – and always and at all times – you are crazy loved and adored by all of us.

So really, there is nothing at all to worry about. Just remember the connections, regardless how invisible they might be for the moment, you are Love and will always be Love.

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