You are Love

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to be in contact with You.

Love yourself and love all other human souls. That is really the only thing You need to focus on. That You vibrate of Love so much, that it fills You up and that it floods over to everybody else. All else is just ”extra on top”.

The wants and the needs are really just different expressions of love. Different vibrations that all have the same basic composition: Love. Love for expressing yourself, love for exploring, love for connecting.

You can take all wishes and dreams and just sum it up: I feel love for… and I want to express even more love for… because it fills me with love.

That is it. That is sufficient expression of your desire. You want more reason to love more? You don’t really need more expressions to love more, but as a human soul you want it.

And as a human soul you have oh so many reasons to actually express more love, that is vibrate more love! People are afraid, unwilling, angry and many other emotions – that you could actually think of as sprinkles on your cake.

The cake is undoubtedly Love. There is no reason to doubt it, you already know it. But is it not oh so sweet, to first meet all human emotions, that might make you miss the cake itself – but you Master just keep on digging, because you know deep within your heart that emotions are to be ignored. It is just temporary.

A human soul got a little lost and expressed an emotion that did not feel like Love to you. So what? What does that matter, really? That human is playing out an emotion of anger, resentment or disbelief etc. What has that really to do with you? Yes you can believe that you were the correct recipient and play out the whole scene. If you wish to.

But you could also see that what is happening is that this human souls, for some reason wanted to dip into a certain emotion and express it. And it has really nothing to do with you.

Yes we understand, in human reality you could actually have done something, to be of service in helping to create this emotion, we understand. This play of reality can even include that you Master also for a short moment wanted to express a certain emotion. 

Go ahead, dear one. Play it all out!

But, sooner or later, and in your case sooner because you are a Master, you will be satisfied having played out that emotion. Maybe even that other human soul is also satisfied playing out their emotions. What then?

Return to Love. It is very simple. You decided to talk a short walk from truth, in order to play out the role of a human a bit. Then you were satisfied with that short play and then just return to Love.

Don’t complicate it. Why did she say that? How could he do that? I thought I was a Master?!

You are. You are. You just took a short walk, you just wanted to dip your toe in the ocean of 3D reality. Just to have a taste, so you could remember even stronger WHO you really are. That is it.

We don’t notice the times when you Masters take “a short stroll” away from truth. That happens all the time in your unique merge of 3D/4D/5D at Mother Earth.

We notice your devotion to return to Love. Then we smile, feel such great love and appreciation and say, look, there is our Master coming back home again. And before you know it, you will just look at all emotions floating around you and feel no need or interest in investigating them further.

Then you know; you are Love.

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