Allow your Heaven

We, the Arcturians, are delighted to speak with You and to see the transformation that is taking place. There is many of you that is now preparing to fully express the Truth of Life. And in doing so, it is vital that you feel comfortable in communicating with us about all matters. We want to […]

Are you “on track”?

We, the Arcturians, are so very pleased to have contact yet again. A contact that is always “on”, you might say. We want to give you a structure of our own world and dimension, for your inspiration and knowledge. We have in our world built in the truth that all souls are Masters, regardless of […]

Be a yes-sayer

We, the Arcturians, wants all human beings to ascend but the truth be told, that will not happen for quite a long time. But when there are some people who ascend and some who don’t, what will this look like? Well, this will resemble how it looks today, with the difference that ascended human beings […]

Life will sort itself out

We, the Arcturians, want to be of help to humanity, when it comes to progress in spiritual growth. This is something we ourselves have been focusing on for many thousands of years, so it is natural for us to give this our prioritized focus. The “trick”, if you wish, is to not focus on “earthly […]

Know your tools

We, the Arcturians, want those who are ready to be true transmitters of love, truth, joy. That include understanding the power of energy, frequency and vibration. Energy is with what you create, when you create. Frequency is the level you are “existing in”. Vibration is the essence of you, that you can strengthen or lowering […]

Don’t worry, be happy

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to have contact. We know it might be confusing time. What is really happening on Mother Earth? Don’t feel fear or stress. It is totally ok. What is happening is a major shift of awareness and transformation. What is also happening is that power is changing, where a little group […]

Raise your frequency

We, the Arcturians, are so pleased to be here with you again. We feel so much love for Mother Earth and humanity. There is a time that will come, that will require high degree of trust and faith because the society as you know it will change somewhat radically in some parts and in slower […]

Let the process go slow

We are so pleased to have contact with you. We have come to Mother Earth to be of assistance, because Mother Earth is a planet which we very much love, as well as humanity of course. We, the Arcturians, are in particular interested in sharing our wisdom when it comes to matters of healing, as […]

Change the wold

Live is a Master and Creator, and all your needs will be satisfied in a constant creative flow. See every moment as meaningful, there is always a mission to give love to somebody special. See your mission to be there for others, because God is always there for you. There is nothing you must need […]

This beautiful dance of yours

Life is like a play between two lovers. Where the two persons imitate each other, out of pure love. When one of them smile, the other smile. They enjoy each other’s existence. That is how we want to illustrate the dance of love that is between you, a soul, and what we can call Holy […]