Move intentionally

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to be in contact with You.

We want to emphasize the speedy progress you Masters are making. Even though you might judge the progress as slow or blame yourself for “being in your humanness” too much and in your Mastership too little.

Don’t indulge yourself in thinking likes this. For several reasons.

Just by thinking it, you stay in your human. Just recognize and then realize, make real, your mastership.

The context in which you are living, is overfilled with physical sensations and emotional drama. The plan from the beginning was that you wanted to experience life as a human. So, when you moment by moment move yourself from Master to human, back to Master, is what is to be expected. So nothing strange there; just go back to Mastership and continue.

How kind you will treat yourself, is the foundation to how your will treat others, that are coming after you wanting to reach to Mastership. Just be kind and understanding to you and all other Masters.

So. With this we would recommend a stable time for your channelings. We would recommend combine physical activities with your own personal channeling, so to speak. We would also recommend that you make a priority of just loving yourself and make sure your human is feeling good.

That is how simple it is.

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