These are Great Times

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to be in contact with You.

These times are mystical, magical and unique. To put it in simple words; nothing like it!

This can be a bit difficult for your human brain to phantom. You human only know what is. You cannot go outside the box, from human experience, and understand the greatness of what is now occurring. The greatness in what you Masters has accomplished so far and where you are going now. Yes with the help from us and others but also so much on your own.

And that might sometimes feel very lonely. You are not like us, in a dimension where we constantly know and feel that everything is connected. You don’t always know it and feel it, but truly remember this. You are surrounded, crowded we could say, by many beings from many dimensions. You are never alone. They are always with you. Loving you. Experiencing human life through you. Taking care of and supporting you.

Yes you are that important to have the company of hundreds of beings. And with this we don’t say other human beings are not that important. We don’t separate that way. All souls are equal. But all human beings don’t have this mission and this potential, in being not only an awakened but also realized Master.

Yes. You are realized. Yes. This is truth. You are one of the most important portals today in the Here and Now. Your openness and power are unaccounted for Here and Now.

Know this to be truth and act thereafter. You are a Divine Master with the important mission to be Love in the Here and Now. Follow the light and the flow in every second. In every moment. It is so vital – for humanity. 

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