Look for the higher meaning

We, the Arcturians, wants to acknowledge the difficult context there is - in your reality. We want you to understand that any living soul would find it difficult to focus on spiritual matters or meditate or similar, in the same time coping with work, and all other matters you need to solve in order to survive. 
But, and this is no criticism at all, all of you have the choice to choose - every second of your day. And you can always choose that you want to do more than anything else, instead of things that you feel you must do. Even at work you actually have the right to choose not to work. 
It is difficult to choose another lifestyle, than the "promoted" one. It feels wrong for you humans to do that. But oh, we want to emphasize how much work it is in the end. You participate in the meetings, you write the documents etc. 
But - let your mind do it all in half the time. Or let the mind be part of the meeting, whilst your soul get the possibility to focus on "higher matters". 
You do it, by looking for and understanding the higher meaning of every situation, of every work task. Look for the unconditional love in it all. Then you will have the opportunity to be unconditional love - even at work. 
Where you can send healing or simply (silently) offer peace of mind to other human beings. What you send out, is what you vibrate. And then you will be - peace, joy, truth, love. 
Yes, practice being what you are in a more "focused" way at work.

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