Get ready to go on stage

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to have contact with you. 
We are in awe and admiration for humanity's progress. We remember our own progress and our transformation, but it is something else to be able to witness "our smaller siblings" adventures. It is something else to stand by the sideline and observe your amazing experiences and your progress forward. And oh, is it a fantastic progress forward! We know it can be overwhelming, when it can go very quickly, but this "sequence" of humanity will really go so fast - and that is why we recommend that you cherish your routine of meditation and balance.
Because this period of time (well, it is all now, but from your perspective) it is about to happen some pretty magical things, you way showers will be crucial - not only in showing "the way" how to be a Master on Mother Earth, but also to show how spiritual power or gifts can be discovered and developed. And that is exactly what is unfolding for the moment: all Masters discovering their powers, which will be of various kinds. And it will truly blow your mind what you can do.
That is why it is so beneficial for you to belong in different groups and networks. When one of you Masters find out a certain "superpower", and share it with the others, everybody else will quickly pick it up and use it as well. That is why you all find yourself in groups You cannot "be without". You know that your magical development will be greatly enhanced by sharing it and then develop it even further together.
We are moving fast forward to events that will seem magical, to say the least, but for you Masters it will feel natural. You are all quickly accepting and then adapting "the new ways". So cherish this time of curiosity, development, realization. Think of this as the time right before you enter the stage, to perform in front of hundreds of people. You are still off stage. You are still free to prepare, to maybe rehearse and to manifest the moment with eager anticipation. You have still time to look at the other Masters with relaxed joy; you are not about to go on stage yet. Soon, but not yet. 
And don't worry. When the times come for you to enter stage and use your superpowers; show the way with a knowing that paradise on earth is also possible for all the people looking at you - then, then you will KNOW and you will EXPERIENCE all of us standing behind and around you Masters. We from higher dimensions. Angelic realm. All your loved ones. So much love and support will be available for you at that moment, so you will not hesitate one second to show the way. We love you.

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