See everybody as Masters

We, the Arcturians, are pleased to be in contact with you.

We all see you beautiful Masters as the Divine creators that you are. It doesn’t matter really that you don’t yet fully recognize yourself as the amazingly magical creator of worlds that you are. You will, because it will be self-evident that you ARE a creator. We will see many of you awaken as true Gods in these months coming, because there are several shifts in the process of humanity, that are now accelerating, which will indeed strengthen your context of creation. This might show itself as Masters in different way coming together and create form of energy.

It is not really difficult in itself to for instance send loving transformation to a country at war, where there after will be massive incidents of the actions of unconditional love. Soldiers from both sides agreeing on not killing each other. Soldiers refusing to kill innocent people of torture captured prisoners. The trick is to not intend to help or fix. The trick is to see them truly as Masters of their own creation, love them unconditionally and see them choose love above anything else.

This is exactly what we have been doing, for you Masters, long time ago.

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