Soldier in Love

We, the Arcturians, are so pleased for this contact.

We are always appreciative to connect. It is as meaningful for us, as for you, even though the purpose and the expansion we are all experiencing are different.

You are our soldier in Love. You are on a holy and divine mission. And that means following the energy of Life. Where you are guided to go, you need to go, for the synchronicities to be able to happen. And those you want, believe us.

So, to be able to follow the light, so to say, you need to be in your heart and you need to be clear. That is the step that most human find hardest to do. To stay in unconditional love. To choose to elevate from feelings of anger, frustration, envy and so on. Because that is what the brain, your conclusions of life based on experiences, wants to do. To figure everything out and have a solution for everything. But, that is impossible. It is impossible for you as a Master to mainly depend on your brain. That will get you nowhere. You need to follow your heart.

To do this, don’t don’t. There is nothing won by you, if you avoid and resist. Your energy need to allow and be inspired. Follow those feelings.

So. You are a Master. You are a Creator of your reality. Create.

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